Three Beers Inn

Episode 139: Kills Boro Brewing Co. | Tiramisu Munchies

Thank you again one and all for tuning into this weeks beer podcast! This week we delve into swamp ass, true crime, and stouts!

Don’t forget our awesome beer news too!

This weeks feature hop:Golding US

Is it possible that we have a beer rivalry on our hands? Kills Boro vs Flagship? I SHALL NOT NAME A VICTOR! But what is clear is that Kills Boro’s Tiramisu Munchies has reached the Mount Rushmore of Three Beers Inn!! Is it because it’s the only stout in Season 2 thus far? ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!!

Thank you all for listening week in and week out. You are the greatest group of people to ever live on the face of the Earth!! THANK YOU!!


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