About Us


              The Three Beers Inn is an establishment where people can sit back, relax, have a brew and talk about

whatever comes to mind! Of humble beginnings, the Three Beers Inn has for decades been a state of mind for

listeners/followers of our podcast. It all began back in 1665 shortly after the Dutch settled in Staten Island. Weary

travelers from long voyages needed a place to rest and a place to drink. “Hebben Drie Taverne” which translates to

“Have Three Tavern” was established deep inside of Port Richmond by the Burgemeester clan, which was also known

as that time as “The Burial Place”. Of ginger hair and deliberate intentions, the Burgemeester clan was very strict

about drinking and discourse. A long-standing tradition of at least three beers and jabbering swept through the

entire area uninterrupted for nearly two centuries.

                   The year is now 1848, the Burkhart-Lachen family, which hailed from deep in the Bavarian Black Forest of

Germany, settles into the Castleton area of Staten Island. For nearly three decades the Burkhart-Lachen family

maintained an Inn of their own with similar rules and regulations as the long-standing Burgemeester clan. The

Burkhart-Lachen family main focus was malarkey and boozing to a length that usually got out of control. The name

of their home drinking hole was “Trinken Bier Inn” which translated to “Drink Beers Inn” in English.

                    In 1877, National Prohibition Campground Association bought 25 acres of land right near the Trinken Bier

Inn and named the area “Prohibition Park”. A long and horrendous smear campaign was launched against the

Burkhart-Lachen family and they’re prized barroom. The Burgemeester’s saw this tragedy unfolding in front of them.

Good and decent debauchers were being demonized and having mud slung right at them with no proper reason.

Seeing their Beer Kin in such peril brought them no choice but to come to their aid. Barrels of beer were rolled into

the Prohibition Park to soak the soil full of luscious golden suds, rendering it unusable for these haters of Beer

Freedom and they fled with great haste. A mutual understanding of respect was established that day between the

two sects of barely pop consumers.

            Peaceful harmony ruled over the land of Staten Island until a year that will forever live in infamy. The

Volstead Act of 1919 brought an unprecedented change in the world of Beer. Our Nation’s own government had

declared war on our most prized drink. Never before had BOTH institutions been faced with such malevolence and

something needed to be done. The Three Beers Inn was formed out of necessity to keep beer SAFE! Some may have

called it speakeasy, others called it a safe haven, regardless of the words used, it was a place where beer could be

kept protected from those who hate freedom. The pedigree of this institution that preserves beer and bullshit is alive

and well to this very day. And those traditions are brought to you every Tuesday.